Absolutely LOVE this cookware set

I’m cooking my supper in one of the pans right now! Just opened the box tonight, washed and rinsed the one I needed. Then, put it on the stove, added some cooking spray and turned on the heat (medium). Cooked up hamburger, and no sticking whatsoever. I’ve been cooking with stainless steel for a long time, alternating with Teflon coated pans. My other set of SS were worn out, the rivets were deteriorated and the handles breaking off. They were beautiful, good quality pans (Blue Willow) that I had received as a Christmas gift and, even with serious usage (often cleaned in the dishwasher) they lasted almost 15 years.

This year, I decided I was going to get away from teflon and replace all my dilapidated pans with a new set of SS, and a few cast iron. Right out of the box, the pans were beautifully shiny. No dents or scratches, although I did expect a few minor ones as a result of normal packaging and shipping. They are not heavy duty, but they’re definitely a sturdy medium-weight set. I’m your average everyday cook in a family of four. Sure, a nice, high quality, heavy-duty set would be nice to have, but I don’t have 100’s of dollars to spend. And, for my household’s needs, I don’t really need pans on that level.
For the price, they are excellent pans to use for average everyday use. I’m hoping they will last several years. Not sure if they’ll hold up as long as my other set, but if I can get close to 10 years, I’ll be happy with that. Only time will tell.

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